(a) How many of each product should Myth Co produce each day? What is assumed in (6 marks)

Consider any changes in to the original problem formulation independently in parts. (a) How many of each product should MythCo produce each day? What is assumed in (6 marks)
giving this answer? Remember to state the solution to this problem in plain English so it makes sense when provided to the MythCo`s management sta . (b) Is there spare capacity in any of the production stages or Beret availability ? Explain your answer. (c) By how much would the pro t on an Action pack have to increase to make its pro- (2 marks)
duction worthwhile? (d) Tomorrow the machine used in construction stage will be unavailable for part of the (9 marks) day, so that only 8 hours (480 minutes) of time will be available in the construction stage of production. How will the closure change MythCo`s pro t? How many of each product should MythCo now produce? (e) A new gurine of Buster is being considered, but it would require 10 minutes for (9 marks) Construction, 7 minutes for Assembly and 3 minutes for Packaging. No Beret is required for the proposed gurine. How much pro t would be needed on the Buster gurine to make its production worthwhile? (f) If at most 45 Jamie gurines must be produced each day, how should MythCo modify (10 marks)
their production plan?

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