a financial analysis of a new Indoor theme park project.

a financial analysis of a new Indoor theme park project.

a financial analysis of a new Indoor theme
park project. You will utilize the provided project information/data to create
a new project schedule which will represent your project at a specific point
during implementation. You will load the information/data into Microsoft
Project where the data will serve as the basis for project monitoring and
control and Earned Value Analysis. The output of the analysis, combined with a
control plan, will be used to support the continuation of your project.

The CP-2 Project
Performance Report will be structured with the following sections:

  • Cover Pageincluding assignment, project title, course, and
    student contact information.
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summarywhich “summarizes” the content from the
    entire document with quantifiable highlights such as overall project cost
    and schedule performance, estimate to completion, and makes the pitch to
    project stakeholders to continue the project.

  • Schedule 1a schedule displayed on a MSP Gantt chart schedule(required) which incorporates the provided project
    data, established baseline, and proper review date representing the
    anticipated 50% completion date .A Gantt chart is a graphical
    representation of the schedule and NOT a table of dates
  • Performance Analysisutilizes Earned Value data to analyze the project cost
    and schedule performance.
  • Estimate at Completionincludes a forward-looking estimate of the project
    completion date and the final project costs.
  • Control Planwhich provides a corrective action plan to bring the
    project back in line with your project baseline.
  • Revised Estimate at
    which includes the corrective
    actions from the control plan along with the resulting cost impact and
    schedule impact.
  • Schedule 2including revised MSP Gantt chart schedule (required)
    which reflects the impact of your corrective actionsThis should meet the requirements of the original
    project plan.
NOTE: Each section
should include the detail as described above, along with a proper discussion
about the included data as well as the project manager’s
analysis/interpretation of the informationYou will use your Microsoft Project data in the
report but will not be graded on the Microsoft Project file.

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