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A. Explain how this blanket has been designed to minimize the risk of electric shock to the user. 

18 / 01 / 2019 Physics

This paper circulates around the core theme of A. Explain how this blanket has been designed to minimize the risk of electric shock to the user. 
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Include a glossory for physics terms e.g. (resistance) used in working out. Working out must be thorough no matter how simple! And must have concluding sentence! For exapmle A student healthcare professional is pushing a mobile imaging machine down a hospital corridor at a steady speed of 1.2 m/s. The machine’s mass is 55 kg. The student sees that a patient who has been walking in front of the machine has suddenly stopped. If the student is able to apply sufficient force to stop the machine in 1.0 s., will the student avoid a collision if the patient is 1.0 m ahead of the machine? (Assume that the student is applying the same magnitude of force throughout that time.) Given and Known: Velocity (vinital)= 1.2 m/s distance(d)=1.0m Velocity (vfinal)= 0.0 m/s Time (t)=1.0s 2 significant figures Solving for: If the student travels more or less than 1.0m in 1.0s. Equations using to solve: d = v(initial)t + (1/2)at2 a= delta v/t d=distance v=velocity t=time t=time a=acceleration a=acceleration v=velocity Solving: a= delta v/t = vfinal- vinitial /t = 0.0m/s-1.2m/s / 1.0s = -1.2m/s2 d = v(initial)t + (1/2)at2 d=1.2m/s*1.0s+(½)*-1.2*1.02 =0.60m The student will be able to stop the mobile imaging machine at 0.60 meters, hence avowing collision with the patient that is 1.0m ahead.MEDI11002 PHYSICS FOR HEALTH SCIENCES TERM 1 2016 
For each of the two statements below, consider each of the terms listed for it and determine whether or not it can be correctly inserted into the blank. There may be more than one term that can be inserted. Explain your reasoning for your decision for each term. 
A.    ‘As a sound wave moves through a uniform medium, the wave will experience a gradual reduction in its __________.’ 
1. Power
2. Speed
3. Frequency 

B.    ‘As sound moves through matter, at each compression zone there is a localized region of increased _________.’ 

1. Particle density 2. Pressure
3. Velocity 
Question 2: (8 marks) 
Patients in clinical facilities are often required to be in a partial state of undress for their procedures, and as a result may experience a drop in body temperature, particularly when the examining room temperature is low. Give two reasons for the greater rate of heat loss from the patient’s body when he is partially clothed in an examining gown rather than when he is fully clothed. Explain each reason. 
Question 3 (2 x 8 = 16 marks) 
You notice that the electric warming blanket that has been purchased by your clinical facility for patients has only 2 prongs to its electrical plug. 
A.    Explain how this blanket has been designed to minimize the risk of electric shock to the user. 

B.    Explain why the risk of electric shock from using the blanket can be minimized by this design but 

Question 4 (10 marks) 
A typical electric blanket consumes 50 W of power when operating. What is the overall resistance of the blanket if it is designed to be plugged into a standard powerpoint? 

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