(a) Draw a complete block diagram of the system.

A machine has a shaft fitted with an angular position sensor, which is an 8bit Gray Code generator having the freedom to rotate from 0 to 359 degrees. It outputs 00000000 when the shaft angle is 0 degrees. You are required to design a digital circuit to convert the incoming gray code value into a binary equivalent and then display the shaft angle in degrees using a 3 digit 7-segment display. (ignore the decimal part)
(a) Draw a complete block diagram of the system.
(b) Convert the digital signal to a 0 to 3V analog signal.
(c) It is necessary to display the following indications on the display panel and alarms
Shaft indicator Angle() Colour
0 <   120 Green
120 <   240 Yellow
240 <   359 Red
Alarm : when the angle exceeds 345 degrees turn on the alarm
(d) You also need to provide a rotation direction indicator. i.e. the present position was reached by rotating clockwise or anticlockwise w.r.t. the previous position. Assume that 0 to 359 is a full clockwise rotation. The indication process need to be updated every one second period. Define two deferent colours for indication
Your report should include (but not limited to) the following
1. The simulation files (using NI Multisim)
2. Documentation of the simulation explaining their functions
3. Complete schematic
4. Indication of design process and justification of any assumptions

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