•A definition and explanation of the term ‘research critique’.

Task: Students will critically read TWO research articles, a quantitative and a qualitative study, and undertake a critical analysis (critique) of each study. Access to both articles will be made available to students. 
Students are required to write an essay that will include: 
•A definition and explanation of the term ‘research critique’. 
•A brief summary of key areas of the research study described in the two articles provided.  
Your summary should clearly describe the aim, research design and method as well as the key findings reported in each research article. 
•A critique of BOTH articles.  
You are required to undertake a critical analysis of each study using the framework provided.  
You will analyse FOUR areas of each study:  
One area is compulsory and must be included in the analysis of each article. 
Choose three other areas from the framework to complete your critique. You may use three different areas to analyse each study.  
Draw on examples from each study to support your critical analysis and discussion.  
•Justify your critique of each selected area using scholarly research literature to support your observations.  
•Identify and critically discuss how these studies relate to professional practice in the Aotearoa/New Zealand health care context. Include relevant New Zealand sources of literature to support this discussion. 

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