A Critique of the Capital Asset Pricing Model

Component 1 – 5 marks – ANALYSIS. Discussion and understanding of CAPM and the issues associated with the theory, including the advantages and shortcomings of the theory, along with outlining the underlying assumptions and application of the Security Market Line and the Capital Market Line (illustrated by graphs).

Component 2 – 4 marks – RESEARCH – EXTENT AND APPLICATION. Depth of research should be evident in developing a detailed understanding of CAPM, and its role in in financial management. Evaluate the theory, in the light of your discovered references. Source references of text and diagrams should be cited.

Component 3 – 3 marks – RECOMMENDATIONS / CONCLUSIONS. Following the above analysis and application of your research, state any recommendations which emerge for financial managers and investors and/or for government policy. In a separate section, briefly summarise your overall conclusions. 

Component 4 – 3 marks – PRESENTATION. Clear and concise expression required, along with professional presentation, correct grammar and spelling, and the use of clearly labelled graphs, charts and tables. Appropriate source referencing of material, charts, tables, etc. is required

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