a. Assignment Cover page clearly stating your name and student number

Assignment Details Indicate a company from any industry that has implemented and integrated E-commerce or
ERP Systems ( choose any ) with other ICT (information and communication technologiesdata
mining, business intelligences, data ware house, databases, RFID, EDI) that escalate
efficiencies and competitive advantages in their operations and strategies .
Please visit web sites, annual reports, media etc. of the company to find the relevant
information related in this matter. You may also need to gather information from academic
journal articles, press releases, case studies, white papers published in popular press and
online databases, including text books.
Assignment Requirements
You are required to submit a well referenced report style word document in response to the
following questions (in 1000 words-minimum) maintaining academic writing norms.
1. Briefly describe the enterprise, in terms of its operations, products/services,
markets, competitors etc. (200 words)
2. Illustrate how its e-commerce or ERP implementation integrated with related ICT
(information and communication technologies- data mining, business intelligences,
data ware house, databases, internet, RFID, VAN, EDI) ? (400 words)
3. Summarise the likely issues they have faced during their e-commerce or ERP
implementation. (200 words)4. Outline the likely advantages they have capitalised from the implementation and
integration. (200 words)
Format of the Report
1. You at least should have the following details:
a. Assignment Cover page clearly stating your name and student number
b. A table of contents, executive summary
c. A brief introduction or overview of what the report is about.
d. Body of the report with sections to answer the above questions and with
appropriate section headings
e. Conclusion
f. List of references.
2. Diagrams and tables clearly labelled and explained.
3. Ensure all materials are correctly referenced. Plagiarism will be severely penalised.

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