a) a brief outline of the proposal

Part A: Proposal
Think of a simple green proposal to implement in your service or an early childhood education and care service you are familiar with. It might be an initiative to introduce the concepts of ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ i.e. a recycling program, a program to reduce water usage or electricity use at the service, or an initiative that promotes the purchase of equipment and resources that are eco-friendly.  
Discuss your idea with your supervisor, once you have agreed on what to implement, research some information that is relevant both to your idea and to the service. Think about the external sources you need to consult with.
Write a summary of your idea, including:
a)    a brief outline of the proposal
b)    a brief outline detailing your reason for suggesting it. To support your choice provide energy and resource usage information (i.e. water, electricity and gas usage information and bills, information about the service’s resource purchasing practices or the service’s vision/mission statement to identify its short-, medium- and long-term goals). 
c)    a list of any statutory legislation that was considered when determining an appropriate green proposal to implement e.g. a list of the different Acts and regulations that apply to implementing environmentally sustainable practices in an early childhood settings  
d)    a list of where information on the proposal was found
e)    a brief summary of the information you have researched and the steps to implement the idea.

Collate the above information into a PowerPoint presentation, or similar, for submission to your assessor. 
Part B: Set targets for improvement
Consider the green proposal outlined in your PowerPoint presentation, then answer the following questions.
1.    What targets might you set for this initiative? (Provide three)
2.    Why is it important to set targets?
3.    What are the key elements involved in setting targets?
4.    What resources and tools could be used to assist with benchmarking practices implemented to industry standards? (identify at least two)

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