2.1. Requirements (Requirements Specification, MoSCoW Analysis)

Describe the project approach, overall strategy and methods and procedures to be adopted for achieving the project objectives.  Describe any engagement models, sequencing of the work and reasons for such an approach.

2.1.    Requirements (Requirements Specification, MoSCoW Analysis)
Use this section is to describe all major requirements of the project.
2.2.    Proposed Deliverable (Flow chart – existing & proposed process)
Use this section is to describe narrowed down deliverables & proposed solution of the project.

3.Governance and Reporting
3.1.    Governance Structure (WBS, RACI, Project Org Chart)
This section details the work break down, the responsibilities and the relationship between the project team and governance entities involved in the project.  

3.2.    Stakeholder Management – (Stakeholder Register & Stakeholder Management Strategy)
Describe how this project will manage stakeholders.  Stakeholders are people or organisations who can have an influence on the project or are affected by the project.  In order to ensure that the project proceeds according to plan, those parties whose actions could affect the progress of the project need to be engaged appropriately.  

3.3.    Communications Plan (Power Interest Grid, Project Communication Plan)
The identification of the stakeholders or stakeholder group and the nature of their relationship to the project will be the basis for the communications with them.  Use this section to describe how this will be managed.
The communication with each stakeholder will be designed to manage their expectations, maintain their confidence, seek their advice or approval, update them of progress or inform them of events as necessary.

4.Project Controls
4.1.    Schedule & Dependencies Management (Gantt chart with explanation)
Describe how the project will manage the schedule and dependencies (within the project).

4.2.    Financial Management (Cost Estimation)
Define the method for managing the project’s finances.  In this section, include any other cost tracking tools you intend to use and attach an example as an Appendix.

4.3.    Risk Management – (Risk Register & Risk Impact/Probability Chart)
Describe how this project will manage project risks.  All project risks should be logged in the Risk Register.

4.4.    Quality Management
Describe how the business and technology quality standards are to be satisfied by this project. 
Areas where quality expectations can be derived:
•    Functional measure
•    Non-functional requirements
•    Performance
•    Accuracy
•    Security
•    Compatibility
•    Reliability
•    Flexibility

4.5.    Project Monitoring and Control 
Describe how this project will perform monitoring and control operations.

4.6.    Lessons Learnt – (After actions review)
Describe how this project will capture and process Lessons Learnt.  

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