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2. Select a random sample of 100 for analysis. Your teacher has exported the anonymous responses of BUB1BAN students to an Excel file.

16 / 01 / 2019 Statistics

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 Form a group of 3 students for the project. You must finalize and register your group 
members with your teacher by your last class in Week 3   
2. Select a random sample of 100 for analysis. Your teacher has exported the anonymous 
responses of BUB1BAN students to an Excel file.  You will find those in the file called “Data for 
the Assignment”.   Use this file to select your sample of 100.  Make sure you do this once, save 
it and work from this sample for the rest of your assignment. 
NOTE:  Every time you select a random sample it will be different so it is important that you 
only go through the process of selecting the sample once and use that same sample for the rest 
of the assignment.  
3. Analyze the survey sample you have selected for your group. The best way to do this will be 
to convene a meeting every week and discuss how you could apply the analytical techniques 
covered in your classes so far on the survey data. The Group Activity Log Form formally 
requires you to do so and has implication for the marks you may score in this assignment. See 
the Group Activity Form for details.  
4. Submit the following: a. Your random sample of 100 in an Excel spreadsheet.  (E-mail this to your teacher). 
This spreadsheet will be used to double check your calculations in the report. b. A group report of around 1000 words.  This is to be handed to your teacher in your second 
class of week 10.  
The report must respond to the specific questions asked in a report format. (See page 4  
the ‘Report Format” for details). 
Your report must be a printed word document with   a cover-page,  an introduction,  the analysis of data (3 sections with a total of 10 questions) and  a summary. 
The cover-page should include the assignment title, each group member’s name and ID 
number as well as the average effort for each student (best summarized in the table 
Group Members:      
*Calculated in the group activity log which must be attached to your assignment.   
c. A group activity log: You need to maintain a group activity log on the “Group Activity Log 
Form” which keeps track of every student’s involvement in the project. The form is 
attached (last page). You must submit a scanned copy of the group activity log, signed by 
all group members, along with your report (one report per group)    
Marking criteria: 
You are expected to use the data analysis techniques covered in this subject to answer the specific 
questions listed in the “Report Format” section. Marks will be allocated on the basis of correctly 
identifying the tools of analysis; their successful application to the survey data and the overall quality of your report.  
Student No Name Average effort*  

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