(1)topology of network

PROJECT PLANNING- to plan a project we follows various steps 
(1)topology of network
(2)application  configuration
(3)profile configuration
(4)selection of model of devices 
There are some aspects which we have to keep in our mind so that improvements can be done in the project itself like response time,Throughput,Utilization etc .the best method is the thourough study of network in project,topology ,knowledge of software ,pros and cons of using links,traffic behaviour in topology .the networks performance also depends on the type of routers, switches, servers, workstations that are used in topology. Traffic is checked between every node to be sure that a node is working properly. After working with the software a lot of basics are cleared and even changes can be observed with a minute variations in the app and profile configuration.
NETWORK TOPOLOGY-the network designed connect computers across 3 different sites .the main site is called BASE, near site connected is NEAR site and computers connected at far end are called FAR site. The BASE has 4 floors connected via a BACKBONE network (interconnects network and provide path for exchange of information between sub networks).
The 4 floors are 
•    HQ floor 
•    Development floor
•    Manufacturing floor 
•    Sales floor

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