1.2 Choose presentation strategies, format and delivery methods that match the characteristics of the target audience, location, resources and personnel needed

Unit Sector

Management and Leadership – Management

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Model high standards of management performance and behaviour

1.1 Ensure management performance and behaviour meets the organisation’s requirements

1.2 Ensure management performance and behaviour serves as a positive role model for others

1.3 Develop and implement performance plans in accordance with organisation’s goals and objectives

1.4 Establish and use key performance indicators to meet organisation’s goals and objectives

2. Enhance organisation’s image

2.1 Use organisation’s standards and values in conducting business

2.2 Question, through established communication channels, standards and values considered to be damaging to the organisation

2.3 Ensure personal performance contributes to developing an organisation which has integrity and credibility

3. Make informed decisions

3.1 Gather and organise information relevant to the issue/s under consideration

3.2 Facilitate individual’s and team’s active participation in decision-making processes

3.3 Examine options and assess associated risks to determine preferred course/s of action

3.4 Ensure decisions are timely and communicate them clearly to individuals and teams

3.5 Prepare plans to implement decisions and ensure they are agreed by relevant individuals and teams

3.6 Use feedback processes effectively to monitor the implementation and impact of decisions

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