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1.1 The potential for coaching and mentoring within the work group/organisation is researched.

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Elements and Performance Criteria



1 . Develop coaching / mentoring strategy 

1.1 The potential for coaching  and mentoring  within the work group/organisation is researched.

1.2 A strategy is developed to implement and promote a coaching and mentoring framework, linked to other human resource strategies  in the organisation.

1.3 Benefits  to all parties involved in coaching and mentoring are clearly outlined, consistent with the organisation`s philosophy and goals.

1.4 Ground rules  established for coaching and mentoring in the organisation are contained within the strategy.

1.5 Timelines for the implementation of the strategy are developed with key stakeholders .

1.6 Organisational support and resources are obtained for the strategy in accordance with organisational procedures.

2 . Establish a coaching / mentoring framework 

2.1 A range of coaching/mentoring models is identified to suit the organisation`s needs.

2.2 Training is arranged for those interested in being coaches, coached, mentors and/or mentored.

2.3 The requirements of coaching and mentoring contracts/agreements are developed and monitored in accordance with the coaching and mentoring strategy.

2.4 The range of stages in coaching and mentoring relationships is identified and flexibility is built in to the framework to manage the stages where necessary.

2.5 Protocols for matching participants  and dealing with difficulties, disputes and grievances are formalised in accordance with the organisation`s existing procedures.

3 . Implement and support coaching and mentoring 

3.1 The value of coaching and mentoring is promoted at all levels of the organisation in accordance with organisational policy and procedures.

3.2 Opportunities for mentoring  and coaching are identified and communicated to interested parties in accordance with the strategy.

3.3 Internal and external networks  are used to support coaching and mentoring in accordance with legislation, policy and procedures .

3.4 Techniques and practices  are suggested for resolving differences/problems without damaging relationships, or assistance/referral is provided in accordance with organisational policy and procedures.

4 . Monitor coaching and mentoring arrangements 

4.1 People involved in coaching and mentoring are encouraged to reflect on organisational processes, organisational support and their activities to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.

4.2 Recommendations made for improvements in the coaching/mentoring strategy are evaluated and implemented as necessary in accordance with organisational policy and procedures.

5 . Consolidate opportunities for further coaching and mentoring 

5.1 The positive contributions of individuals to coaching and mentoring arrangements are recognised and acknowledged.

5.2 Positive changes created through coaching and mentoring arrangements are celebrated and rewarded in accordance with organisational policy and procedures.

5.3 Ongoing opportunities for coaching and mentoring are identified and promoted in accordance with individual and organisational requirements.

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