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1.1 What information is required before they set up a QuickBooks file?

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QuickBooks Bookkeeping 2012

Answer all the questions to Quickbooks bookkeeping 2012. This is not an assigment.

QuickBooks Setup

1.1 What information is required before they set up a QuickBooks file?

1.2 How to start a new company data file in QuickBooks (Easy Step Interview)?

1.3 How to keep the lists and preferences from an old file while removing old transactions?

1.4 How to customize the home page?

1.5 How to set up lists (customers, vendors, items, etc.). This includes understanding which names and items should appear on which lists?

QuickBooks Utilities and General Product Knowledge

2.1 How to navigate or move around QuickBooks (use home page, menus, icon bar, etc.)?

2.2 How to back up and restore a data file?

2.3 How to determine the release number and how to update QuickBooks?

2.4 How to use QuickBooks in single-user and multiuser mode?

2.5 What versions and editions of QuickBooks are available for a specific year (desktop version)?

2.6 How to password protect QuickBooks?

2.7 How and why to use preferences?

List Management

3.1 How to manage lists (customers, vendors, items, etc.). List management include:

3.1.1 Adding new entries?

3.1.2 Deleting entries?

3.1.3 Editing entries?

3.1.4 Merging entries?


4.1 How QuickBooks uses items to perform the necessary accounting entries?

4.2 The different types of items and when to use each type?

4.3 How to use items for different types of scenarios. These include companies that sell:

4.3.1 Products for a specified price?

4.3.2 Services for a specified price?

4.3.3 Unique products or services that have different prices for each sale?


5.1 Who should be listed in the Customer Center?

5.2 How to navigate and use the Customer Center?

5.3 How to complete the workflow (from the sale to making the deposit) for:

5.3.1 Invoicing (A/R)?

5.3.2 Sales Receipts (no A/R)?

5.4 How QuickBooks uses the Undeposited Funds, Accounts Receivable, and checking accounts in the invoicing cycle?

5.5 How and why to record a customer credit?

5.6 How and why to create statements?

5.7 How to handle bounced (NSF) checks?

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