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1.1 Identify and develop responsibilities in the job description for your role as an administrator that you think is the most important.

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Unit 47 Employability skills

Marketing Plan
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Task-1 Appraisal
1.1 Identify and develop responsibilities in the job description for your role as an administrator that you think is the most important.
In the present situation, working with Constrictum as an administrator there would be set of personal responsibilities which need to be handled such as the direct and indirect relationship with the higher management as well as other employees working in the organization. Administrator would be responsible for the decision making process regarding the key issues in the organization. Along with working in the organization as administrator it is important to learn new skills and enhance overall knowledge gained with the work experience and this should be reflected in the future work undertaken by an administrator. In addition to this an administrator should abide by employment legislation, ethics at workplace and employment rights & responsibilities (O`Brien, 2009). All these roles need to be played by administrator in order to accomplish its job responsibilities successfully.   
1.2 Write in draft from the discussion and develop objectives for your work experience that you would like to set for yourself in this job for the next twelve months.
For the present job role of administrator in next twelve months the performance objectives would be as under:
§  To reduce time taken for decision making pertaining to the organizational context in order to benefit organization with faster decision making process
§  To grasp new knowledge and skill pertaining to workplace so as to accomplish job role with higher efficiency
§  To follow employment legislation and ethics in workplace
1.3 Assuming that you have been working on some of these performance objectives already. Evaluate your effectiveness against these objectives in your first year.
The objectives set for the present job role would be linked with specific time period and efficiency standards as well. The objectives set would be SMART and hence would provide the levy for measurement of these objectives against the performance criteria decided for these objectives. A proper monitoring system would be developed for the above objectives so that each objective can be measured along with time and in case of any time lag in achieving the objective specific correction action would be taken. For example, criteria for faster decision making process should be set and it would be monitored that decision making pertaining to specific organization context should be accomplished within 2 working days as the maximum allowed limit for decision making. In order to measure the performance historical decision making issues along with time for each would be recorded and corrective action would be taken in order to reduce overall time required for making decision in organizational context (Mayo, 2005).
1.4 Prepare some suggestions and make recommendations for improvement that could be agreed in your appraisal for the next twelve months.
In order to improve upon the objectives set for the administrator role in the organizational context there can be below mentioned suggestions and recommendations which can be agreed in appraisal for next twelve month period:
§  Decision making aspect would be improved by attending specific training for improving decision making aspects in organizational context
§  Periodically conference and seminars would be attended in order to gain new knowledge pertaining to the work area
§  Guidance from seniors would be sought on specific work relates aspects in order to improve upon the key areas (Klerck, 2009)
§  A 360 degree feedback would be taken on the aspects of job and based on the feedback improvement would be made
§  KRA for the present job would be developed and quantified in order to perform responsibilities strictly in accordance to the KRA for job role of administrator
§  Overall training needs would be identified and training plan would be developed
§  A performance criteria would be set based on the personal data, judgmental data and rating methods
§  Process of management by objective can be followed in order to develop the objectives in agreement to the employee and management
1.5 For the benefit of your manager, review motivational techniques that can use to improve the quality of performance of employees. What technique would help to motivate you in your work and how could management use them to improve your quality of performance.
There can be different motivational theories and motivation techniques which can be applied in the present context so as to improve upon the quality of performance in the organizational context. Motivation theory Y can be one of the most important motivational theories which can be applied in the present context. Management should develop the attitude that employee are self motivated and willing to work. This would reduce amount of supervision and employees would be more conscious about their responsibilities and objectives of the organization. This would lead to self motivation for employees in the organization (Merkle, 2012).
In addition to the motivational theories employees can be motivated through designing attractive rewards and incentives. Employees should be recognized for the good work done and monetary benefits should be given to them according to their performance. Supervisor play a critical role in motivating their employees and factors motivating employees should be properly identified.



1.6 As in the meeting effective use of time is likely to come up in the discussion, identify time management strategies that can be used to improve the effectiveness of employees. What time management strategies are effective for you in your work and how could management use them to make your performance more effective.   

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