1.1 Explain the use of benchmarks in managing performance



1 Understand the management of team performance 

1.1 Explain the use of benchmarks in managing performance 

1.1 A benchmark is a standard or measurement that may include:

  •  Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  •  Best operational practices 

1.2 Explain a range of quality management techniques to manage team performance 

1.2 Quality management techniques may include: 

  • Total quality management (TQM)
  • Statistical process control (SPC) 
  • Continual improvement processes 

1.3 Describe constraints on the ability to amend priorities and plans 

2 Be able to allocate and assure the quality of work 

2.1 Identify the strengths, competences and expertise of team members 

2.2 Allocate work on the basis of the strengths, competences and expertise of team members 

2.3 Identify areas for improvement in team members’ performance outputs and standards 

2.4 Amend priorities and plans to take account of changing circumstances 

2.5 Recommend changes to systems and processes to improve the quality of work 

3 Be able to manage communications within a team 

3.1 Explain to team members the lines of communication and authority levels 

3.2 Communicate individual and team objectives, responsibilities and priorities 

3.3 Use communication methods that are appropriate to the topics, audience and timescales 

3.4 Provide support to team members when they need it 

3.5 Agree with team members a process for providing feedback on work progress and any issues arising 

3.6 Review the effectiveness of team communications and make improvements

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