1.1 Explain the concept of the “customer experience

Unit Title: Understand customers and customer retention

You must be able to:

1 Understand Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

1.1 Explain the concept of the “customer experience”

1.2 Explain different methods of segmenting and characterising customers

1.3 Explain the purpose and scope of CRM

1.4 Describe the features of an effective CRM system

1.5 Explain the uses of CRM data in customer service delivery

2 Understand customer retention

2.1 Explain the term customer retention

2.2 Explain the benefits of customer retention to an organisation

2.3 Explain the factors that influence customer retention

2.4 Describe techniques used to attract and retain customers

2.5 Explain how to assess the extent of customer loyalty

2.6 Explain the factors involved in customer recovery

3 Understand the measurement of customer satisfaction

3.1 Describe techniques used to analyse performance data

3.2 Explain the factors to be taken into account in setting performance targets and objectives

3.3 Explain the features and uses of a range of techniques to measure customer satisfaction

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