1.1 Explain the characteristics of different business markets

Unit Title: Principles of business

You must be able to:

1 Understand business markets

1.1 Explain the characteristics of different business markets

1.2 Explain the nature of interactions between businesses within a market

1.3 Explain how an organisation’s goals may be shaped by the market in which it operates

1.4 Describe the legal obligations of a business

2 Understand business innovation and growth

2.1 Define business innovation

2.2 Explain the uses of models of business innovation

2.3 Identify sources of support and guidance for business innovation

2.4 Explain the process of product or service development

2.5 Explain the benefits, risks and implications associated with innovation

3 Understand financial management

3.1 Explain the importance of financial viability for an organisation

3.2 Explain the consequences of poor financial management

3.3 Explain different financial terminology

4 Understand business budgeting

4.1 Explain the uses of a budget

4.2 Explain how to manage a budget

5 Understand sales and marketing

5.1 Explain the principles of marketing

5.2 Explain a sales process

5.3 Explain the features and uses of market research

5.4 Explain the value of a brand to an organisation

5.5 Explain the relationship between sales and marketing

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