1. Update your project brief with full details of: Objectives, Outputs and Targets, Success Criteria.

Your tasks are to:
1. Update your project brief with full details of:  Objectives, Outputs and Targets,  Success Criteria.2. Write a Project Design Proposal that covers the following:  Design aims; Outline of the proposed design; Proposed evaluation methods.Your first task updates your initial project document. The update should now reflect the complete user requirements and your objectives, outputs and targets for the project. This update will probably not exceed two (2) pages.The Project Design Proposal should outline firstly your design aims for the project and how they will meet the user requirements.You should then give a brief outline of your design. This should be mainly written, rather than be drawn, and you should describe and discuss HOW your design will enhance the user experience (UX) of the user while meeting their requirements, You may also want to refer to design principles to support your argument.
Finally, you need to discuss how you will test your design for usability, UX, and its fit to the requirements. Again you will want to support your argument with reference to principles. You do not need to produce a full test plan at this time.

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