1 Research workforce requirements 1.1 Review current data on staff turnover and demographics

Unit Sector

Workforce Development – Human Resource Management

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1 Research workforce requirements

1.1 Review current data on staff turnover and demographics

1.2 Assess factors that may affect workforce supply

1.3 Establish the organisation`s requirements for a skilled and diverse workforce

2 Develop workforce objectives and strategies

2.1 Review organisational strategy and establish aligned objectives for modification or retention of the workforce

2.2 Consider strategies to address unacceptable staff turnover, if required

2.3 Define objectives to retain required skilled labour

2.4 Define objectives for workforce diversity and cross-cultural management

2.5 Define strategies to source skilled labour

2.6 Communicate objectives and rationale to relevant stakeholders

2.7 Obtain agreement and endorsement for objectives and establish targets

2.8 Develop contingency plans to cope with extreme situations

3 Implement initiatives to support workforce planning objectives

3.1 Implement action to support agreed objectives for recruitment, training, redeployment and redundancy

3.2 Develop and implement strategies to assist workforce to deal with organisational change

3.3 Develop and implement strategies to assist in meeting the organisation`s workforce diversity goals

3.4 Implement succession planning system to ensure desirable workers are developed and retained

3.5 Implement programs to ensure workplace is an employer of choice

4 Monitor and evaluate workforce trends

4.1 Review workforce plan against patterns in exiting employee and workforce changes

4.2 Monitor labour supply trends for areas of over- or under-supply in the external environment

4.3 Monitor effects of labour trends on demand for labour

4.4 Survey organisational climate to gauge worker satisfaction

4.5 Refine objectives and strategies in response to internal and external changes and make recommendations in response to global trends and incidents

4.6 Regularly review government policy on labour demand and supply

4.7 Evaluate effectiveness of change processes against agreed objectives

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