1. Produce Network Documentation which communicated:

1.    Produce Network Documentation which communicated:
•    The operating system chosen for the host server and why this one was chosen?
•    The virtualisation software chosen for this installation?
•    Provide full user documentation    ☐

2.    Produce a Network Report which communicated:
•    A justification that the network created met the business specifications that were required?
•    Any recommendations for future requirements?
•    Lessons learnt post project that would change the way the project was implemented next time?
•    Performance results on the functionality of the network?
•     Solutions or recommendations to performance issues?    ☐

3.    Produce a Workforce Evaluation Report which communicated:
•    How you rate your own performance in the project?
•    What tasks you performed for the team?
•    The completed tasks described in detail?
•    How you rate the team’s performance?
•    Your opinion on the issue of did everyone do an equal amount of work?

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