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1. Outline how Performance Planning fits into the wider concept of Performance Management. 3 marks

04 / 02 / 2019 HRM

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1. Outline how Performance Planning fits into the wider concept of Performance Management.  3 marks  
2. Discuss three challenges organisations may experience with Performance Management.  6 marks   
3. Using a case study (or studies) of your choice, examine how effective performance management may contribute (positively or negatively) to organizational effectiveness, retention and motivation of employees. Your answer should include at least two different contributing factors and how they impact.  8 marks   
4. Mention performance evaluation and in many organisations it will send a cold shiver of apprehension through employees.  The Management by Objective (MBO) results based review is one of the more common in organisations today.  Outline where this approach works well and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the approach in achieving motivation, engagement and organizational effectiveness.  6 marks         
BAM6.014 & NZDB 633 Human Resource Management, Assignment 2, Semester 1, 2016  5/12/2016        Page 4  
5. Case study – Performance Monitoring and Performance Development.   
 You are a sales manager for a wholesale garden centre. Your sales team is tasked with building and maintaining relationships with retail garden centres (your clients) and each has key performance indicators which you monitor.  You base your sales model on geographical areas. You notice that Todd, the representative for the Northland region has had two months in a row where his sales reports have shown a drop in sales of more than 10% below monthly target.    
Required:  Define performance monitoring and then discuss how you would utilize this and performance development within this performance management situation.  Include in your discussion what you would review and how you would go about this process.  6 marks    
6. Demographic challenges, talent shortages and generational expectations are just some of the factors which make succession planning good sense for organisations who wish to retain and build on their effectiveness.    
i. Define succession planning and its focus within an organisation.  3 marks   
ii. Outline the four stages of succession planning.  Include;  Examples of activities/actions appropriate for each stage.    A summary that links these various activities or actions to the outcomes of organisational effectiveness, motivation or retention.  6 marks   
BAM6.014 & NZDB 633 Human Resource Management, Assignment 2, Semester 1, 2016  5/12/2016        Page 5  
7. Case Study – Progressive warning system.   
Craig had worked for Jacob as a builder’s labourer for three years.  Craig would occasionally borrow the firm’s vehicle to go to the hot bread shop to get some lunch.  He had done this on a number of occasions and felt it was quite ok to do, especially as another member of the team on the job has previously used the work vehicle to meet with friends for lunch from time to time.  
Craig met his girlfriend at the hot bread shop and they decided to share their lunch break together at the beach.  Craig was entitled to a lunch break of 30 minutes.  During lunch he realised that he needed to pick up some equipment from the firm’s depot.  Instead of returning to the site after lunch he drove directly to the depot, picked up the gear and then returned to work. This diversion meant that he was 20 minutes late getting back to work.  
Jacob had noticed Craig’s late return on a number of previous occasions.  This time he approached Craig as he got out of the van.  Jacob advised Craig that his shoddy workmanship had resulted in a number of customer complaints and some costly rework. Not only was his performance unsatisfactory, his timekeeping showed how irresponsible he was.  
Jacob instructed Craig to pack up his gear, pick up the pay-packet that was waiting for him in the site office, and leave the site.  He was dismissed.      Required:  
i. Outline the principle of ‘procedural fairness’ and using a best practice concepts for procedural fairness, review at least three actions that did or did not occur from the case study that illustrate Jacob’s lack of understanding of this principle.  
6 marks   
ii. Discuss the concept of ‘substantive justification’.   With support from the case study, our discussions in class and the relevant Act, review whether there was substantial justification for Jacob’s action to dismiss Craig. 6

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