1. Name the campaign or programme you have selected.

1. Name the campaign or programme you have selected. What health issue is the programme trying to address? Where/how/why is this issue being tackled/intervened?  Within your answer evaluate the risks and benefits of medical and surgical treatments, natural therapies, and diet and life style factors.    Use the Ministry of Health Intervention Framework to guide your thinking.    2. What inequalities exist in this health area and how did the inequality occur?  What are the mechanisms by which this inequality was created, is maintained or increased?    3. Who is most advantaged and how?  4. What are the determinants of this inequality?  5. Describe how the Treaty of Waitangi is being addressed in the context of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000.  How does its principles relate to the cultural norms and values experienced by different ethnic groups in New Zealand surrounding women’s health?  6. How could this intervention affect health inequalities?  What is being done/or could be done to make sure it does reduce/eliminate inequalities discussed in question 2?  How will it be known if inequalities have been reduced/eliminated?  7. Who will benefit most?  Explain why.  8. What might the unintended consequences

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