1. Make a best-fit judgement about whether a child is showing typical development for their age

Write a case study (real or otherwise) that covers the following points:

1. Make a best-fit judgement about whether a child is showing typical development for their age (1.1).
a.    You may decide to use the Department of Educations ‘Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)’ document (found on Moodle) make a best-fit judgement about whether a child between the ages of 24 and 36 months is showing typical development for their age. This will enable you to compare the child’s development to a range of developmental milestones. Alternatively, you may use the Carolyn Meggitt textbook to look at the development of a five-year old. 
b.    You MUST explain the reasons for children’s development. For example, why do babies sit up unsupported at six months? Consider how the babies muscles develop in order for the baby to begin crawling.
c.    Write about the milestones that the child will have progressed through, the milestones that they are achieving now and the milestones the child is working toward. This will enable you to cover a range of milestones.

Consider issues around confidentiality. To avoid a breach of confidentiality:
•    Use of pseudonyms (which should be identified as such) and generalised terms e.g. social worker, nurse, health centre, practice area, mother.
•    Avoid the inclusion of documentation, either original or photocopied, that might reveal the identity of an individual or organisation e.g., referral letters, medical imaging records, assessment records, prescription charts, unless these are anonymised .
•    Remove names on images, charts etc.
•    Do not use any photographs of the children.
2. Summarise how your child’s development is monitored by health professionals (1.2). 
There is so much that you could cover here e.g. the healthy Child Programme, screening and the Personal Child Health Record. Eg Hearing Test ect 

3. Analyse issues that may arise for health professionals when monitoring your child’s development (1.3). 
You could write about various things here:
•    Parents not keeping appointments
•    Baby P/Victoria Climbie e.g. parents purposely preventing health care professionals
•    Traveller families
•    Parental attitude
•          A discussion with a real parent as to issues around monitoring.
In Practice see Attached 

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