1. Introduction

assessment task 2: Literature Review Intent: Students prepare a literature review of their chosen project topic area which is located within the domain of their course/major. The literature review will show evidence of learning from external sources, such as Library research methods programs. Type: Literature review Groupwork: Individual Weight: 35% Length: Typically 7 pages, including 15 high quality references Literature review topic is E-TOURISMSay very briefly 1) what the review is about, 2) what the main content is, 3) what the main aim or objectives are, and 4) what the main findings are. End with a strong sentence that highlights the significance of the work presented in the review and any envisioned long-standing contribution to the body of knowledge.
1.    Introduction
Introduce the general area of interest that the contents of the review deal with, setting out any advancements and challenges of interest. Then introduce more fully the specific topic addressed in the review and you can then to go on to state any main aim or objectives to be met. Say very briefly what is to come in the layout of the review. Note: the Introduction should include general references to back up the points made.
2.    State-of-the-art/Literature Review
This section is an in depth review of a particular area(s) and/or methods that you will require to complete your project. This could, for example, be particular theories, (mathematical) tools or solutions from other related areas that could be used to solve the problem. 
Discuss the different solutions/methods, are there disadvantages to using them? Why are they appropriate? What other areas can be used to augment the solutions in order to make them more suitable.   

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