1. Introduction of the tool

Prepare the presentation on the selected tool containing following headings;
1.    Introduction of the tool
2.    Features of the tool
3.    Techniques used by the tool to exploit vulnerabilities of information  systems
4.    Experimental setup and evidence of usage of the tool. Include screenshots of vulnerability testing.
5.    Conclusions
6.    References

 Presentations will be 5 minutes, multiplied by the number of people in your group. If there are more groups than topics, then topics can be done by more than one group, at the tutor’s discretion. 
Groups must contain either 4 or 5 students as default – if a small group is formed (such as having two students remaining), then the tutor will rebalance the groups to ensure that there are no “small” groups. Only in exceptional cases will groups of a different size be allowed. 
See the scoring sheet for this assignment, which is on the next page, and ensure that your presentation fulfils the criteria listed. All students in the same group get the same mark for “Content”, while “Presentation” marks are assigned individually. Your final mark is the sum of the two

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