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1. Introduction (Approx. 100 - 200 words) What topic will you focus on and why?

19 / 01 / 2019 HealthCare

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A GUIDE TO TACKLING AT3 Task: Individual Essay - 2500 words Weighting: 50% Due: 18 September 2016 by 5pm Submitted: To the dropbox. Please complete a self-assessment form and submit this as a separate document to the dropbox Essay Question: How might you apply the principles and practices of an Impact Assessment (IA) to influence change in the real world in which you live, work or play? Explanation: Your task is to write an essay that fundamentally answers this question. You might choose to focus your essay in your current professional work with a view to making a change for the better in your community. Alternatively you might prefer to focus your essay on an issue you feel passionate about from your country of origin. If unsure of your topic please talk to your Unit Chair before commencing. 1. Introduction (Approx. 100 - 200 words) What topic will you focus on and why? Why is this topic of interest to you? It is acceptable to write this introduction in the first person. 2. What is the issue, background, context and drivers? (Approx. 500 – 1000 words) Explain the issue to the reader assuming they have little or no knowledge of it. What is the issue? Why is this an issue? Who is most affected? Describe the stakeholders and the extent to which they are involved (e.g. directly or indirectly). Include a very brief review of literature (accurately referenced) that is relevant to your topic here. Include other information here that paints a clear picture of the context such as policies or other drivers (e.g. local community interest). 3. Conduct a screening process (Approx. 500 words). You can use an existing tool you are familiar with, a modified version of an existing tool, or create your own tool. Include the tool and findings from the screening process in your essay (NB: the tool does not count in the word count). Ensure you reference the source of the tools accurately and state whether you have adapted an existing tool. Present the main findings of your screening process including the type of assessment you intend to conduct (e.g. intermediate prospective HIA; rapid concurrent SIA; full, retrospective H&SIA; other). 4. Describe the Scope of your Impact Assessment (Approx. 500 – 800 words). Explain the steps you would include in this phase. These might include forming a reference group/ steering committee, and nominating who would be invited to participate. What data would you collect? What methods? How would you analyse the data? What timelines? Geographic and other boundaries? Budget? What else would you include in the scope? 5. What main impacts would you expect the Impact Assessment to focus on and why? (Approx. 200 – 300 words. Any information presented in table form does not count in the word count) Identify the main impacts, both positive and negative. Consider how you will describe the likelihood of the impacts (e.g. definite, probable, or speculative) and the scale (e.g. significant, minimal, other descriptions). You might wish to include a matrix here to visually depict your findings. 6. What factors might limit the effectiveness of your Impact Assessment? (Approx. 100 – 200 words) Consider the factors most likely to be at play in your own context. Examples might include: • resistance within an organisation or government • lack of funding to carry out the work • lack of skilled professionals to carry out the work • lack of time • lack of access to essential data (i.e. community profiling data, particularly in developing countries) • other… it is important for you to consider and describe factors at play in your own real world context 7. Monitoring and evaluation of the IA (Approx. 100 - 200 words) How would evaluate your IA? Give some details of what you would do and when? 8. How would you disseminate your findings and what influence would you hope to achieve? (Approx. 100 - 200 words) In what way/s would you present your findings (e.g. written report, PowerPoint presentation, other)? Who would you present your findings to? Consider how your report could be used to advocate for change. Also consider what changes you would hope to achieve with your IA (e.g. describe how you would hope to enhance positive impacts and mitigate negative impacts). 9. Conclusion and reflections (Approx. 100 – 300 words) In your final paragraph please reflect on what you have learned from studying this unit. What difference might the knowledge, skills, strategies and contacts you have made in the unit make to you now and in the future? In drawing your conclusion, you should also reflect on where you could see other opportunities for utilising Impact Assessment processes in your own context. This might relate to current or emerging issues pertinent to your work, the community in which you currently live, or your country of origin. 10. Professionalism When you are writing your essay you should also consider the following factors: • evidence of reflective reading from a range of appropriate sources • thoughtful and logical examination of the topic • clear, concise and well-structured argument within the paper • clear description of sequential steps, strategies and tools to be utilised • clarity of writing • appropriate referencing • professional presentation: careful consideration of editing, formatting, referencing • full name and student ID included as a footer on each page • Please refer to the rubric for more guidance on the marking process

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