1 How does organisation learning (OL) differ to individual learning?

1 How does organisation learning
(OL) differ to individual learning?
2 Explain `single-loop` and `doubleloop`
3 Identify the steps for the
application of knowledge
4 Define `built-to-change`. Give an
example of each component.
5 What is the difference between OL
and knowledge management? Give
an example of each.
6 What are the five requirements for
adaptive change?
1 `When times are tough, the tough
get going.` How may this quote be
relevant to change management?
2 `Self-design change strategies will
facilitate optimum competitive
advantage.` How may this occur?
What difficulties do you envisage?
3 `Organisation learning and
knowledge management are one and
the same thing.` Do you agree?
Why/why not?
4 Is there a conflict between the
concept of a built-to-change
7 Is it easier to have a self-design
strategy for a new business or an
existing business? Explain your
8 What is organisation knowledge?
Why is it important?
9 What are the series of activities
involved in a self-design change
10 What is a virtuous spiral? What are
its benefits?
organisation and the establishment
of long-term business goals? What
are the implications of pursuit of a
built-to-change strategy for
5 The text refers to the use of
scenario planning as part of the
adaptive process. What are the
strengths and weaknesses of this
technique given the premise of
this chapter that a growing
number of organisations are
facing highly turbulent

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