1 Establish an OHS system OHS system is developed which clearly states commitment to OHS and compliance with legislative requirements .

Elements and Performance Criteria



Establish an OHS system .

1.1 OHS system  is developed which clearly states commitment to OHS and compliance with legislative requirements .

1.2 OHS roles and responsibilities  for all employees are defined.

1.3 Financial and human resources for the effective operation of the OHS system are established and implemented.

1.4 OHS induction and training program  is developed and made available to all employees.

1.5 System for OHS record keeping  is established and maintained to allow identification of hazard risk and injury patterns.

1.6 OHS information and procedures  are communicated and explained to all employees in an accessible format in accordance with legislative requirements.

Establish participative arrangements for OHS .

2.1 Consultative processes  are established and maintained to ensure maximum OHS vigilance and compliance of all employees.

2.2 OHS issues raised through participation and consultation are acknowledged and resolved promptly.

2.3 Feedback from OHS consultation and any changes to procedures are recorded  and communicated promptly to all employees.

Establish procedures for managing hazards and risks .

3.1 Procedures for identifying hazards  and managing risks  are developed in accordance with legislative requirements.

3.2 Hazard identification is addressed at the planning, design and evaluation stages of any change in workplace to ensure new hazards are not created.

3.3 Procedures for selection and implementation of risk control measures in accordance with the hierarchy of control are developed and maintained.

3.4 Inadequacies in procedures for hazard identification and risk control are identified and new measures promptly established.

Evaluate system effectiveness .

4.1 Evaluation of the OHS system is undertaken using verifiable evidence .

4.2 Improvements to the OHS system are developed and implemented to achieve organisational OHS objectives.

4.3 Compliance with the OHS legislative framework is continually assessed to ensure that legal obligations are met.

4.4 All OHS documentation is maintained in accordance with legislative requirements

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