1) Does business need IT?

You are to research an actual business examples and the impact of IT on that business. 
Important points 
1) Does business need IT? 
2) Why IT is important for business survival? 
3) What is required to apply IT into business? (Cost, planning, designing, equipment, 
installation, training, etc...) 
4) How does business use IT? (internally such as staff, employees, and externally such 
as customers, suppliers) 
5) What benefits and advantages does IT
bring to business? (Revenue, flexibility, 
reduces cost, etc....) 
6) What type of risk does IT bring to business? (security, privacy, confidentiality) 
7) How can business maintain and monitor IT? 
Your report will be judged on the quality of your research
and report presentation. Your 
report is to be in the style of a business report. There is a limit of ten pages excluding 

Table: 1
IT in healthcare 
IT in food processing 
IT in library 
IT in transport 
IT in airlines 
IT in printing and 
IT in fishing industry 
IT in forestry industry 
IT in media 
IT in mail and parcels 

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