1. Determine procurement requirements Identify procurement requirements with input from stakeholders as basis for procurement planning

Unit Sector

Management and Leadership – Project Management

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Determine procurement requirements

1.1 Identify procurement requirements with input from stakeholders as basis for procurement planning

1.2 Establish and maintain, within delegated authority, agreed procurement management plan

2. Establish agreed procurement processes

2.1 Obtain information from suppliers capable of fulfilling procurement requirements

2.2 Determine or adopt established selection processes and selection criteria, and communicate to vendors to ensure transparency

2.3 Obtain relevant approvals for procurement processes to be used

3. Conduct procurement activities

3.1. Identify and act according to probity and project governance constraints 

3.2. Communicate agreed proposals and/or specifications to prospective vendors to ensure clarity of understanding of project objectives

3.3. Solicit vendor responses according to proposal requirements

3.4. Evaluate responses and select preferred vendors according to current legal requirements and agreed selection criteria

3.5. Negotiate with preferred contractor or supplier, to agree on terms and conditions of supply

4. Implement and monitor procurement

4.1. Implement established procurement management plan and make modifications  in line with agreed delegations

4.2. Review progress and manage agreed variations to ensure timely completion of tasks and resolution of conflict within the legal framework of the supply agreement

4.3. Identify and report procurement management issues and implement agreed remedial actions to ensure project objectives are met

5. Manage procurement finalisation procedures

5.1. Conduct finalisation activities to ensure vendor deliverables meet contracted requirements

5.2. Review project outcomes using available procurement records and information to determine effectiveness of procurement processes and procedures

5.3. Document lessons learned and recommended improvements for application to future projects

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