1. Currently the online Flowerstore template provides

1. Currently the online Flowerstore template provides "home", "about us", "flowers", "special gifts", "my account", "register", "prices", and "contact" pages, etc. It needs to include AT LEAST the following two web forms.
A search form: for customers to look up details of flowers and/or gifts.
An order form: for customers to place an order for flowers and/or gifts. The form should include but is not limited to: flowers/gifts selected, customer contact details (name, phone number, email address, etc.), delivery address (unit number/street name, city, postal code, etc.) and payment methods (credit card number, expiry date, card holder name, etc.)

Based on the design of the provided website, you decide what new pages to create to accommodate these forms. The forms must not be `active` at this stage (in assignment 1); that is, if the user clicks on the Submit button, nothing should happen.

2. The manager Lucy also wants to use XML to develop a catalogue of all of the stores’ information about flowers and gifts. In the first step, you are asked to create a sample catalogue including at least ten (10) different categories of flowers and/or gifts using XML technologies.

Price: £ 168

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