1. Critique and evaluate the literature regarding the theoretical basis of rehabilitation

Assignment task: Define a selected area of rehabilitation and evaluate the relevant literature relating to the theoretical basis of this area. Critically analyse key issues and influences on practice in this area, including considering where this area of practice sits in the broader context of rehabilitation (Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4). Learning outcomes 1-4 1. Critique and evaluate the literature regarding the theoretical basis of rehabilitation. 2. Critically analyse the impact of a variety of influences on the nature of practice in rehabilitation 3. Integrate current relevant theory in an identified area of clinical practice in rehabilitation 4. Present work at the appropriate academic standard Assignment guidelines 1. Follow APA (6th) presentation guidelines for referencing text, tables, and figures. 2. Use 1.5 line spacing. 12 3. Use an easily read font (e.g. Arial, 11 point). 4. Submit your assignment with a coversheet which includes the student ID, assignment title, paper name and number for which it is being submitted. 5. Leave a 5 cm margin on the left of the page to allow for the marker`s comments (should marking on paper be required). Hints on passing your assignment Read the learning outcomes and the requirements for grading detailed in the marking grids. The most common problems with assignments in the past have been: • Failing to specify a targeted specified question, aims and objectives. • Not answering the specified question appropriately e.g. going off on a tangent. • Lack of or inadequate critique of the literature. • Lack of structure and flow to the assignment. • Global, broad discussion versus targeted and in-depth. • Recommendations and broad statements which are not well underpinned by evidence. • Inappropriate formatting and referencing. • Exceeding the word limit.

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