1. Compare & contrast the implementation plans of OilCO & ExploreCo.

1. Compare & contrast the implementation plans of OilCO & ExploreCo.  What are the similarities & the differences in the two implementations? (350 Words) 2. Evaluate the differences in the critical success factors defined for each of the implementations? (350 Words) 3. Other than the listed critical success factors, what additional factors should be considered when planning an implementation eg risk (300 Words) Part 2 of 2 – SAP (30 marks) For this part of the assignment you are required to complete the SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) exercise. 
Using a separate word document, you are required to keep a journal as you work through this exercise.  Keep a journal of your activities and your experience in learning to use SAP.  Take screen shots of your outputs, and occasions that you have created a new customer, etc. and have been provided with a new ID (such as on page 5).  On page 4 you are asked to use your three digit GBI number to replace ### through the document and where requested. o Recall that if you received a two digit GBI number then you need to remember to prefix it with a 0 (zero). o This GBI number is not only your login, but will identify the data you entered throughout this exercise as your own, to prevent clashes with another students work

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