1. Choose your topic

Part 1 (Research Proposal): One of the first stages of many research projects is to write a proposal. This may be needed to get approval to proceed (e.g. a thesis), to obtain access to necessary resources or to obtain necessary funding. Part 1 of this assignment is therefore to prepare a proposal about the mini-project you plan to do.

How to prepare a proposal? : A five step process.

1.    Choose your topic 
2.    Define the research question 
3.    Plan out the study 
4.    Carry out a literature review / reading to provide background to the topic 

5.    Write proposal as per the following structure 
a.    Title of your research proposal - No more than 20 words 
b.    Summary - No more than 100 words 
c.    Aims and Goals - What is the central aim of your research? 

d.    Background and Significance - Describe the research topic, Provide a brief survey of major questions and results in this topic, what recent progress has been made in this field? 

e.    Approach and Methodology - Explain the sequence of steps by which your study will achieve its aims and goals, Outline the structure of your final report, Outline the study design and methods 
f.    References - Include a list of all references. 

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