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1. Carefully describe the below process in English (10 marks)

18 / 01 / 2019 Programming

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1.    Carefully describe the below process in English (10 marks)

2.    Model the following process using BPMN (you may use signavio or draw it freehand – if you use signavio make sure you paste the png file in to the exam word document that you submit - keep the signavio file link available to send to the lecturer if needed).(20 marks)

If a tenant is evicted because of damages to the premises, a process needs to be started by the tribunal in order to hold a hearing to assess the amount of compensation the tenant owes the owner of the premises. This process starts when a cashier of the tribunal receives a request for compensation from the owner. The cashier then retrieves the file for those particular premises and checks that both the request is acceptable for filing, and compliant with the description of the premises on file. Setting a hearing date incurs fees to the owner. It may be that the owner has already paid the fees with the request, in which case the cashier allocates a hearing date and the process completes. It may be that additional fees are required, but the owner has already paid also those fees. In this case the cashier generates a receipt for the additional fees and proceeds with allocating the hearing date. Finally, if the owner has not paid the required fees, the cashier produces a fees notice and waits for the owner to pay the fees before reassessing the document compliance.

3.    Describe the Dice Game including how it is run. 

In 300 words or less describe what you have learnt from the dice game concerning:
a)    Variability within a process
b)    Interdependence between process activities
c)    The influence of the system bottleneck on system’s performance

Use an example of a law courts process to support your answers. (20 marks)

4.    Resource utilization is a common measure of performance in measuring process performance – process resources (IT or people for example) are expected to have a high degree of resource or capacity utilization – idle time is expected to be minimized. How might this local measure of performance restrict overall performance? What is a better performance measure assuming that critical “bottleneck” constraint can be identified? How might you use this knowledge to manage resource utilization? (10 marks)

5.    Describe the difference between a functional measure of performance and a process measure of performance – give an example of each. Explain from a TOC perspective the difference between each.  (10 marks)

6.    Describe the SIPOC diagram and its main purpose. Draw a simple SIPOC diagram for a restaurant – assume the focus is on customer satisfaction and improving service to customers at the restaurant. Various type of customers include Business, couples, families and elderly couples. (10 marks)

7.    Explain the role of the Process Manager - how does this differ from traditional BPR thinking. (10 marks)

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