1 Background to Torrens Island power station – when it was opened,

In your report please respond to the questions asked at the end of the presentation.

You also need to discuss the following:

1 Background to Torrens Island power station – when it was opened, how it has

changed, who it is run by etc.

2 Discuss power generation process in a steam power plant from gas to


3 Discuss the steam power plant cycles used by Torrens Island i.e. Number of

turbines inclusion of regeneration, reheat, superheat etc. Draw the steam

turbine flow diagram including all the seven feedwater heaters.

4 Efficiency of Torrens Island Power Plant – what measures have been

introduced to improve overall efficiency what further improvements can you

suggest to improve efficiency.

5 How is the power plant operation and cycle efficiency controlled and


6 Estimate the annual greenhouse gas emission from the Power station.

7 What are the other environmental impacts of Torrens Island Power Station?

What measures are used to reduce its environmental impacts, how can its

environmental impacts be further reduced?

8 Compare Torrens Island with other local and interstate power plants.

9 Carbon capture and storage is being developed as a means of reducing

global warming impact. Can it be integrated into Torrens Island? What are the

main requirements?

10 What happens during peak demand periods when our need for power is

greater than Torrens Island can provide?

11 The Repower Port Augusta Alliance (Beyond Zero Emissions report 2012)

produced a proposal to replace the retiring Northern (capacity 520 MW ) and

playford B (capacity 240 MW) brown coal power plants located in Port August with 6

solar thermal plants and 95 wind turbines. Compare this proposal against replacing

the power plants with combined gas power plant in terms of economic,

environmental and social benefit. What is your preferred option?



Estimate the following performance indicators for the steam cycle for one of the

200MW turbines at the Torrens Island power plant station. The typical TS diagram

for the turbine is given in the figure below.

1. The cycle efficiency

2. The isentropic efficiencies of the HP, IP and LP turbines

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