1) Assessment Details;

1)  Assessment Details;  

2)  You are to produce a Pecha Kucha comprising 20 slides with voice over and precise 10 second 

transitions. Produce a marketing campaign video (Pecha Kucha) for a real or imaginary product or 

service. Base your promotional strategy on one of the FIVE competing concepts under which 

organizations conduct their marketing activities: 

3)  The Production Concept 

4)  The Product Concept 

5)  The Selling Concept 

6)  The Marketing Concept 

7)  The Societal Marketing Concept 



Slide 1 is for agenda

Slide 2 is explanation of any one above concept

Slide 3 is product description 

Slide 4 is how you are going to sell your product


Also discuss the promotional tools, positiong. Segmentation in remaing slides

Dnt discuss the swat ?

 And send me 20 slides with one in your voice and the other one not in your voice bcz I have to record my voice ..


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