1) Application of theory: You will need to apply marketing theories for this assignment

1)    Application of theory: You will need to apply marketing theories for this assignment. You can refer to your textbook, lecture slides to help you to write the Marketing Plan. For specific guides on writing the marketing plan please refer to Appendix, Marketing Plan of your textbook. 
2)    Presentation: You are required to present your Marketing Plan in your tutorial class to your tutor and peers. 
3)    Template: A report template has been provided on Moodle for this assignment.  See in a directory “Assessment 2”. You will need to follow the template and discuss your marketing plan accordingly. If you need to add additional information, you can put it in Appendix. 
4)    Referencing: You are expected to refer to external resources for theories, ideas or current trends. However, you will need to apply theories to your statements/claims. These will need to be justified and supported by theory. Therefore, you will NEED to have at least 5 academic references for this assignment. Textbooks are not considered an academic reference, and it is expected that you would refer to it. You will need to reference it if you use your textbook. You should use resources from databases such as EBSCO, ProQuest, Emerald Insight, Google Scholar and so on.
5)    Formatting: 12pt, 1.0 spacing.
6)    Images, diagrams, tables: You can use images of the product. You can also include diagrams and table to help you illustrate your ideas. If there is insufficient space in the report, you can include in your Appendix. Use in-text references appropriately.
7)    Appendix: You may include detailed information such as competitors SWOT analysis, Survey information, Promotional brochures etc,. 

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