1. Alphabetic list of all actions and their frequency by any selected user, e.g. USER-040.

Task 1 Requirements - Complete and save following fields in your SAP R/3 Student Account

User Profile

Title, Last name, First name, Function, Department, Room Number, Floor and Building and provide

a screen capture of completed fields in System/User Profile/Own Data Screen in your SAP R/3

Student Account for Task 1 in your Assignment 2 Report

Task 2 Specifications – Analyze SAP Security Audit Log Data.

Userdata.xls is a spreadsheet log file containing summarized records of user activity on a client’s SAP

R/3 system. Each record contains the following fields:


Task 2 Requirements

Use a software of your choice (spreadsheet, database, statistical package etc) to analyze the provided

SAP Security Audit Log File (Userdata.xls), and generate the required eight user activity reportslisted

below and provide a brief description for each user activity report (About 500 words in total for all eight

required reports/graphs) (hint this assignment 2 task 2 is best done using MS Excel pivot tables or

Microsoft Access database SQL queries). The required eight user activity reports are:

1. Alphabetic list of all actions and their frequency by any selected user, e.g. USER-040.

2. List of users performing unsuccessful activities.

3. List of transaction codes performed, with their frequency by each user.

4. List of users engaging in security-related actions.

5. Top 10 users in terms of frequency of activity.

6. List of users who are dormant – in the range USER-001 to USER-050.

7. You should also produce at least 2 reports or charts based on any of the above previous

reports that summarise user activity over time using YYYYMM date format.

TASK 3 Specifications – Analyze and discuss SAP System-Wide Security Settings.

You are required to review the system-wide security settings on a SAP R/3 system. The data file

SAP_RSPARAM_Basis.xlsx contains an extract from the client’s system. Note you should open this

file using an excel spreadsheet to view the system-wide security settings so the fields are aligned

correctly. Hint you can use the search function to locate the appropriate SAP system wide security

settings and their related values in the data file SAP_RSPARAM_Basis.xlsx. Note you will need to

research the relevant SAP System Security literature in order to determine what are recommended

values for each SAP System Security Setting.

Task 3 Requirements complete the following sub tasks:

Task 3a) For each SAP System Security Setting listed in Table 1 complete the User Defined Value,

System Default Value and Recommended Value based on your analysis of the

SAP_RSPARAM_Basis.xlsx file and the relevant SAP System Security Literature.

Task 3b) Provide a written evaluation of each SAP System Security Setting, in terms of User Defined

Value, System Default Value and Recommended Value in the completed Table 1, describing the SAP

System security setting, highlighting any weaknesses exist and if so provide recommendations for

improving the current SAP System Security Setting. Your discussion here should be supported by

appropriate in-text references (1000 words approx). Note some relevant literature resources on SAP

System Security Settings will be provided in Tutorials and Assignment 2 discussion forum. 

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