1. All code files must contain a comment at the top with the following information:

Additional Requirements and Notes
1. All code files must contain a comment at the top with the following information:
Your name and student ID number;
Which assignment the code is written for;
A general comment describing the code contained within that file;
Any reference materials that were used in building your solution.
2. All code should be adequately commented such that another programmer can understand your code quickly. In particular,
You should describe any attributes by indicating what they are used for and how they should be manipulated;
Any methods should be described by indicating their purpose and a description of their functionality (how they work);
Each parameter and return value should be described; and
Entire assignment files should be compiled and run properly in the Tera Term Pro c++ without syntax errors.
3. The Faculty electronic assignment cover sheet is available on CloudDeakin and must be completed and submitted with your assignment.
4. Any text or code adapted from any source must be clearly labelled and referenced. You should clearly indicate the start and end of any such text/code.
5. All assignments must be submitted through CloudDeakin. Assignments will not be accepted through any other manner without prior approval. Students should note that this means that email and paper based submissions will ordinarily be rejected.
6. Submissions received after the due date will be penalized at a rate of 10% per day. Assignments that are submitted three days after the due date will NOT be assessed.
7. To apply for an assignment extension, the assignment extension form (found on CloudDeakin) must be completed and submitted to the lecturer responsible for your assessment prior to the due date. Applications on or after the due date will only be considered where students can demonstrate that it was impractical to apply otherwise.

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